Rachel Maryam

Rachel Maryam no bra
The five first picture is Rachel Maryam picture when she attend at Indonesian Movie Awards 2008. With V black and white flower motive dress, Rachel Maryam looks very sexy without wear a bra. Rachel Maryam born at Bandung 20 April 1980,and she become a model since age 18. Rachel Maryam Sayidina is her full name has become apart of many big screen movie, "Strawberry" (2002), Arisan! (2003), Janji Joni (2005), Vina bilang cinta (2005), Medley (2007), Perempuan punya cerita (2007), and many other. Things have really taken off in Sydney in 1952, when the model Ann Ferguson was wearing a creation Paula Stafford Surfers Paradise beach. An inspector from the beach said she thought her dress was too short, so the next day, came back with 5 of your friends into two identical parts and bathing media end of the tip of the popularity of the bikini I could not stop. She had 65 people working 18 hours per day to supply 400 stores in Australia.
Rachel Maryam telanjang

Despite allegations that the bikini Atoll and introduced french bikini, Paula Stafford was on holiday in Australia, the capital of the world that presents what has become the greatest revolution in the bath for women, and will probably never be exceeded. Invented the bikini, the style became synonymous with beautiful beaches of girls, sun drenched beach holiday, relaxation and inspiration for many calendars, covers the range of fashion and design. The bikini is the essence of summer. Who would have thought that two small pieces of lycra to capture the imagination of the great world in which he did.


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