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The Trio Macan consisted of Lia Ladysta, Iva Nova, and Dian Aditya.
The three origin singers from East Java this ran off through the lyric of this SMS. The songs wich reap the controversy because duplicate lyric content. The song was claimed before was sung by Ria Amelia, the singer from Padang, West Sumatra. The Trio Macan was also talked about only relied on the sensual fluctuation, without the capacity to process the vowel.
Trio Macan

Trio Macan telanjang bugil
Despite the criticism not stop stinging, they could gain the Best Dangdut category in the Appreciation site of MTV Indonesia 2006. The trio of the Tiger succeeded in setting aside an amount many other dangdut singer wich is Ayu Azhari (ada Cinta), Inul Daratista (mau dong), Titi Kamal (Jablai), as well as IRA Swara and Saiful Jamil (Jujur). In 2007 Trio Macan issued the album just featured me as an editorial PUNYA NAMA. Single first they be entitled same, was released in June 2007. Not only in the world attracted the voice, the Trio Macan tried fortune in the world of acting by starring in the film was entitled Dawai Asmara the Multivision production. There was the news also that mentioned the three singers will be in films the wide screen that was connected with their songs.
foto telanjang Trio Macan

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