Adis Andini

Whether you are an affiliate or aspiring product creator one of the best skills you can learn is writing effective ad copy that gets readers attention. This Internet Marketing Course was put out by Jason Fladlien, and it goes in detail. People that write ad copy for others charge thousands of dollars for jobs that take less than a week. 
In Stopwatch Copywriting, Jason rips on a lot of the traditional theories associated with writing ad copy. The first thing he mentions is that your Headline is not your most important piece. He also believes that long-copy going over all the benefits of the program isn't the way to go these days. He also feels that there are a few things you need to focus on first, and once these 3 dynamics have been completed, the ad copy itself should flow naturally. 
His style of writing ad copy is more coherent with the Web 2.0 style and new school methods. Stopwatch Copywriting and 3 Hour Ads will teach you that just about anyone can write killer ad copy, and that you don't have to be a genius to do it. I learned how to do it over the years just by reading thousands of sales letters. This is one effective approach but I did this over many years. 
Jason Fladlien believes that effective ad copy is directly linked to the "Strategic Mindset". If you can get in tune with this, you can write ad copy that converts at up to 12 percent in no time.


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