Beverly Hills Luxury Hotels

Beverly Hills Luxury Hotels is owned and operated by Magellan Vacations, the nation's premier supplier of luxury hotel accommodations. Magellan Vacations has built a reputation by handling the very best hotels in the most sought after locations with agents who are very carefully chosen. Once hired, the agent is then carefully trained to become an expert in the destination they will serve. To assist them in developing this expertise, we assign them each a narrow geographic and then send each agent to visit and research the properties they will be representing. This allows them to become experts as well as develop a relationship with each individual property.

Beverly Hills enjoys one of the world's most picturesque locations with breathtaking views. Beverly Hills, with the famed Sunset Boulevard, is beautifully tucked between Southern California’s ocean beaches and the sunny mountain foothills - an ideal place to visit for pleasure, for business or for a bit of both. Its central location provides the perfect access point to all of the sites, sounds and pleasures where you can relax and unwind in its soothing ambience. Beverly Hills provides visitors access to the business and entertainment centers of Los Angeles along with walking distance from the famous Rodeo Drive, Sunset Boulevard, unique boutiques, galleries and museums. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and downtown are only 20 minutes away. Century City, Burbank and chic beach locales such as Malibu and Santa Monica are a short drive from this serene urban resort.

Beverly Hills is possibly one of the most coveted areas in the world for a second home. Even in winter, its climate and unsurpassed beauty has attracted the rich and the royal as a retreat from the rigors of northern climates. Imagine then, your own retreat right in the center of this exclusive domain. When the world dreams of Beverly Hills, it conjures up a galaxy of superstars leading the ultimate California lifestyle. It is more than just a place…it’s a state of mind. Visitors have long been drawn to its youthful energy, some of the world’s best restaurants, shopping, galleries, museums and a pulsating nightlife that begs to be explored.

In the heart of the world's entertainment capital, Beverly Hills is devoted to the pursuit of grace, style and timeless elegance. This luxurious vacation destination brings you style, sophistication and unmatched pampering. Spectacular views, from the downtown skyline to the Santa Monica coastline, from the estates of Bel Air to the Hollywood Hills melt the stresses of life away. Discover the best of luxury in the affluent financial, entertainment and residential communities. Ideally located, Beverly Hills is within walking distance of Century Plaza Towers, Century City Outdoor Shopping Center and Twentieth-Century Fox Studios.


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